There comes a time when everyone’s values change, and it shouldn’t be possible for values to stay the same since birth. What happened before and after the change in values, and what did it bring about? What did it bring or not bring?

As those “before and after” things keep piling up, I am sure we will see more and more of them. Believing in this, I launched a new small media company with great momentum.

The content of this media does not have any answers. It won’t enlighten you in any way. But it’s about what one person was thinking about in order to take action. What is he thinking about now? This book is packed with these thoughts. I hope that this assortment will be of some help to those who read it.

Because “Mae to ato” is a small media, there is a limit to what we can do. But I’m sure there’s a lot we can do. But I’m sure there’s a lot we can do, and we’re going to need your help to make it happen.