The Beginning of this Media

Mochizuki Daisaku
Editor of Maetoato

Until just the other day, I was the editor-in-chief at a website. And suddenly I wasn’t.


Mochizuki Daisaku
Doshisha University Graduate School fixed it.The theme of my master's thesis is "Gundam".
While working for various companies, he founded a social university, Tsubuya University, more than ten years ago.
Most recently, after stepping down as editor-in-chief of web media "Junchuhack", he launched the web magazine “Mae to Ato" and became an editor.

<This article has been translated using DeepL so there may be inconsistencies with the translation due to this.>

I didn’t know what to call it without calling it a bolt out of the blue. Needless to say, I definitely wanted to walk away from the scene immediately.

A little while later. What I wanted to achieve in that place was to reflect the diversity of values. But more than that, through this experience, I realized that everything has a before and an after. Without a before, I wouldn’t be able to write these words down now. I wouldn’t have been able to start up this media. This is here because I had a chance to do so.

So I was keenly aware that values are a set of experiences.

After 2020, many values may change. I’m in the middle of it. And I’ve decided to start up a new media outlet on my own this time.

The values of different people and the experiences that led to them as well as their values. As a medium that focuses on a more core part of the story, this begins.

How can we communicate in a more outlined form? I am searching for a variety of media, not just text.

And above all, we aim to make the media a positive experience for the readers. I hope that the contents of this media will help to make your daily life more enjoyable.

Maybe it comes down to what you like in the end. That’s the driving force that moves me. For me personally, asserting or presenting something is not the first priority. This is just my stance. First of all, I want people to know that there is this interesting and wonderful person out there. In fact, it’s just that.

And I loved meeting people and talking to them and listening to them. I was reminded of that. I love listening to someone tell a story with a twinkle in their eye. So now I’m going to listen to someone wonderful, online or offline, and I’m going to listen to someone like that who has been shaken to their values, “and after”.

And if seeing that story as an article before and after seeing it here somehow sways people’s minds, that’s what it means to have this new media outlet up and running.

I know it’s still just a small media, but can you tweak your heartstrings a little bit?

The Beginning of this Media[Japanese version]

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Picture:Katsumi Hirabayashi
Plan:Mochizuki Daisaku